Lisbon green street – get yourself surrounded by plants in Rua da Silva

Lisbon green street – get yourself surrounded by plants in Rua da Silva

We didn’t even know this street existed, Rua da Silva – Lisbon green street. Each day we take some time to spend outside (yes, we do try to be very healthy). So the other day we had visited Green Beans to buy some good plant-based products. After this, we were just randomly walking around and exploring the beautiful Portuguese area of Barrio Alto, until we stumbled upon this Rua verde. We couldn’t be more happy. If you love green, plants and flowers as much as us – goooooo!!! We guess we probably spent 30 minutes admiring all the plants, colours and beautiful decorations in the street. If possible, the next street we will move in we will definitely try to give it an upgrade to reflect this standard haha.

Rua Verde

Rua verde is literally like a garden in the city – a street full of plants and flowers.

In this Green Street you can find cute cafes and a “snackbar” (like we call it in our native language with Dutch snacks and fries. One more awesome reason to visit.

Enjoy Rua Verde, with all its cute lampions, colours, monstera’s and beautiful greenery. It is the perfect spot to take photos, soak up some green and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. If you are not yet ready to visit, take a peek on their Instagram where they show more photos.

Where is Lisbon’s green street?

Of course you are curious now where you find all this green? So, you can find this urban jungle in Bairro Alto and just a short 15 min walk from Baixa-Chiado. You can find it on Google Maps here.

Entrance to Lisbon Green Street
Entrance to Lisbon Green Street

So, have you been here already? Or do you know an even more fun green street? Please, let us know in the comments below! Or send us a message!

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