Vegan Dinner in Lisbon: 9 deliciously good restaurants

Vegan Dinner in Lisbon: 9 deliciously good restaurants

You could think of Lisbon, Portugal as a foodie walhalla for vegans. Especially, when you go out for food. Not all supermarkets have the same large variety of vegan products, but there are SO MANY vegan dinner options in restaurants and cafés in Lisbon that you do not need to cook at all ;). Just kidding.

Especially for you, we created a list with a top 9 of our favourite vegan dinner places in Lisbon OR, restaurants which have a large offering of vegan dinner options but which aren’t fully vegan. So get ready, and dig in!

Click on the link in the title to get to the website of the restaurant. If you are looking for where to find the restaurant, click on the link in the description, Google maps will tell you exactly where to find the restaurant 😉

Vegan dinner in lisbon

1. O’Gambuzino

Let’s straight away start off with our fave restaurant (ok maybe one of our favourites). The first time we ate here for dinner was on the 31st of December, and we couldn’t have ended our year on a better note. O’gambuzino is located in Anjos and is absolutely lovely. The vegan food is good, it is original and the atmosphere in the restaurant is even better. Ensure that you make a reservation bc the restaurant tends to be quite busy most of the nights.

2. AO26 Vegan Food Project

If you ever feel like true Portuguese food, but then veganized, you must visit AO26. The people working here are always super super kind and the food is really good. They do some awesome vegan versions of traditional Portuguese food, think of a vegan Francesinha or a Bifana, which is a popular Portuguese steak sandwich. The restaurant is close to the Museum of Contemporary art, so you can combine a day of enjoying Portuguese art with some vegan Portuguese food 😉 .

3. The green Affair Lisboa

The Green Affair has two restaurants located in Lisbon. One of Green Affair’s vegan restaurants in Lisbon, is located in Chiado and the other one near the Saldanha metro station. The Green Affair serves a real good (and inexpensive) vegan dinner in Lisbon with a large variety of options to choose from. Their gyoza’s are the bomb (especially the sauce). But also their pizza’s are gooood. And so is the pesto burger. Ok, we can keep on going, but maybe you should visit yourself ;).

the Green Affair

4. Plant-base Lisboa

Everyone is sometimes really longing for pizza right? Especially a good vegan pizza in Lisbon! Well, if so, then please hand on over to Plant base. Not only do they sell the best vegan pizzas in Lisbon (especially the crust of the pizza.. oh my.) they also have delicious Pakistani food and burgers too. If you feel like visiting Plant base, please consider ordering the Funghi pizza and the Smoked Cauliflower. You find Plant Base only 500m from the Elevator Santa Justa.

5. My Mother’s Daughter

Enjoy very taste plant-based food in a plant-filled lovely atmosphere. My Mother’s Daughter is only a few minute walk from Il Corte Ingles and serves organic and plant-based food. All the food they prepare is absolutely delicious. But maybe even more important to mention, if you sit outside, they have the cutest dog who likes to come by and say hi. Definitely a reason to visit and keep on coming back 😉

My Mother’s Daughter

6. ORGANi Chiado Lisboa

Everyday a different offering of vegan dinner options. Who wouldn’t want that? ORGANi Chiado, like the name says, is located in Chiado and in close proximity to Bertrand, Lisbon’s oldest book store. Organi Chiado arised with the goal of being a harmony place. Their base menu is made with products that come directly from nature, and you can taste that… We have eaten here a couple of times, and the quality of the food has been consistently high!

Restaurants with plenty of Vegan dinner Options in Lisboa

7. Os Tibetanos

What do you think of enjoying some good, yum vegan Nepalese food in a cozy atmosphere? Head on over to Os Tibetanos in a side street of Avenida da Liberdade. This vegetarian restaurant has been established in Lisbon for years and they have a large variety of vegan food options on their menu. If you enjoy Nepalese style food, this is a must visit. Oh, and did we tell you that the people working here are super super kind?

8. Honest Greens

As much as you like to eat plants, being surrounded by them while you eat plants, is even better. PLEASE visit Honest Greens. At Honest Greens you eat real food which is ethically sourced and organic whenever possible. This also means, that they have a LARGE variety of plant-based food options for you. And the atmosphere in the restaurant, is absolutely lovely. You can find Honest Greens in several locations in the city, namely in Amoreiras and near Parque das Nações (our favourite, bc it has even more plants).

Honest Greens

9. Miteri Restaurant Lisboa

The city is scattered with vegan food around the city. Some restaurants are very open and transparent about their vegan options, some are not so obvious. The first restaurant we visited which was not fully vegan, but which had a lot of plant-based food options here in Lisbon, was Miteri Restaurant in Anjos. This Nepalese restaurant serves amazing vegan Momo’s and really good Thali’s. Just let them know though you want it vegan, and they are happy to accommodate.

So this is a list of 9 vegan dinner options. Please let us know in the comments if you have visited any of the places and what you thought of it! If you know any other tips for vegan dinner in Lisbon, hit us up! Soon we will give you a list with a top 9 of vegan breakfast options in the city. For this, we can definitely use your help so we can try out a few morep laces! Send us your tips through Instagram or through this page :).

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