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We are San and Sofie, the creators of Lisbon in Plants. A few months ago we had the opportunity to relocate to Lisbon, Portugal. We didn’t have to think twice. Who doesn’t love some good weather, kind people and great atmosphere?

We are both big fans of tasty (plant-based) food, plants and flowers, animals and discovering hidden gems. Each day we take some time to explore all the amazing things this city has to offer such as great restaurants, inspiring street art and cool thrift shops.

San is a big time food enthusiast and has a background in hospitality & tourism. She is currently doing her PhD in Sustainability Science. Her dream is to make the hospitality industry more conscious and sustainable.

Sofie is a big time animal lover. For years, she has worked as an animal care teacher at Dutch schools. Sofie’s dream is to always continue to work with animals and to take people along how animals can be of value for us, humans.

For both of us, living a sustainable life and being kind to earth and its beings is of great value. We know we are absolutely far from perfect, but hey, you can never know what you can do till you try. This is the reason why we share our story through Lisbon in Plants.

We take you along on our journey of our lives in Lisbon and share what we come across and enjoy.


Sofie Lisbon in Plants

As a qualified teacher in the agricultural field, Sofie is specialised in animal husbandry, welfare, nutrition and behaviourism. She is very fond of animals and anything related. Sofie works as a freelancer for several Dutch companies as a developer of course material as well as an internship advisor in adult education. 


San Lisbon in Plants

With an education from Le Cordon Bleu and currently busy with her PhD in Sustainability Science, San has knowledge about hospitality, food and the environment. She shares a huge passion for (plant-based) cooking and loves reading and writing anything related to sustainable food & hospitality.

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Both Sofie and San aim to live a ‘green’ lifestyle on a day to day basis and love to share their enthusiasm about this with you. Their dream is to positively contribute to a world which is a bit more green and friendly for humanity and animals.

So if you have any questions about previously named subjects or you want to discuss possibilities for a collab, don’t hesitate and contact us!

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