Plant based Sausage Rolls – quick & easy peasy

Have your own homemade plant based sausage rolls on the table under 30 minutes! How much do you like plant-based sausage rolls? Ever since I was little I loved the combination of puff pastry and a good filling. Sausage rolls have a long history. The Ancient Greeks and Romans already wrapped meat in pastry. The Americans are taking credit for inventing the […]

Savoury onion bread with curry and thyme

We love bread! We like to eat it often. Recently I (San) have also become a fan of baking bread, preferably to be creative and bake some funky bread. Additionally, I love savoury breads, so I thought hey, let me experiment with that. Hence this recipe for making onion bread with curry and thyme! Secretly I am quite proud of […]

Street Cats in Lisbon – trap-neuter-return

In Lisbon (especially in the old town of Alfama) you will see many street cats when you walk around. Most of these cats are quite tame and some will even follow you for a while. You may think now: but street cats are usually shy, aren’t they? Not these cats! This is most likely because they are fed on a […]

Easy vegan chickpea flour frittata

Mix any vegetables you have left with an easy chickpea flour batter and you have an easy, nutritious vegan frittata. Chickpea flour is a protein-rich flour made from ground chickpeas. It is widely used in Indian cuisine and is also known as gram flour or besan. Nowadays you can also buy this in the supermarket. With frittata you can really […]

HUH? Isn’t that vegan? A fascinating list of food & drinks you’d expect to be made from plants but actually aren’t

When we started eating plant-based, we were kind of blunt and thought that basically everything which didn’t contain egg, shellfish, beeswax, gelatine or milk would be vegan. HAAAA – were we wrong. In reality, this is a bit different. There are so many products which you’d expect to be fully made from plants but surprisingly are not vegan. Like seriously, why […]

What is life without mayo? 2x a plant-based mayo recipe

Who can live without mayo? I know I really cannot. My dad’s favourite phrase is that even paving stones will taste good when you add mayonaise. Not sure if this is true though but yes, (plant-based) mayo is awesome. In the Netherlands, there is a trend going on about vegan mayo and there are probably 5x different types of vegan […]